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A beautiful blend of light, fresh local produce and the finest Italian ingredients that come together in a delicious way. Sit in the café for a relaxed lunch or order to go for a nice late evening dinner. Lasagnas (meat and vegetarian), panini, salads and a nice selection of home made pastas are on the menu.

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Marcellas Lasagneria

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Lexee K.

Eeeeeek! I wish this place was open for dinner and not only lunch. I used to live in the area and loved going here with my boyfriend. Their lasagna is GAS (i.e. phenomenal) & the owners are the sweetest people. I'm pretty sure everything on their menu is literal perfection.

Lilian P

Exquisit food!! I ordered putanesca pasta to go and it was delivered very fast. The pasta is delicious

Alex R

Come here for their meat ball. You wont be disappointed. We also tried their truffle pasta with chicken- chicken was very dry and the whole dish overall was a bit underwhelming. Cozy rustic Italian ambience. I will be back to try their other dishes!

Divya C

Best pasta I've had in SF! Loved both pastas we tried. The owner clearly cares a lot about the food quality and making sure his guests have a good time. We'll definitely be back.

Benjamin F

I eat here like once a week and I gotta tell ya. Manga! Everything is so damn fresh and you can tell that a ton of love goes into all this generational cooking. I'm a sucker for the Sicilian eggplant lasagna and rarely stray. That said, the abruzzo and bolo lasagnas are also bangin. You can't miss here. Family owned. Family fantastic. Do yourself a favor and grab a table outside and dive in.

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